Wednesday, January 25, 2017

So let's sum up 2016 since I haven't been here in well, months. It was rad. As with so many things in the past, I often started projects on a whim but they have turned into powerful platforms, communities, and a body of work.

Sometime in 2015 I realized I was over being frozen with my content. So much inside me, yet I was keeping it stuck there. Who knows why we do the things we do? I was busy with one-on-one clients but I knew I wanted to aim higher and go bigger.

In 2016 something clicked and the necessary flip was switched. I became a content machine. By the beginning of 2017 I am all over the place, on my programs and on others, and I am just saying YES! to the Universe. It may scare the shit out of me (consider speaking in front of hundreds or thousands -- scared? I am!) but if it doesn't scare you, it's not worth your time.

As is the case when you follow your bliss (and find your purpose), the right doors open and you meet new people. All SORTS of new people. I can't believe the treasures I have found, new friends, facilitators, hanai family and more. Once you succumb to the current it can be shocking where it takes you, and fast.

I travel a lot, and that's fun, I'm heading out next week and then again the week after and again some time after that. I've organized a group weekend with the core group of the community in a spiritualist fairy-spot and this should be fun! I say, if it's not playful and it's not from the heart, ditch it.

This is my check-in. I know nobody reads. It's honestly as if I write to this thought-from self, an energetic shell of the person I leave behind day to day. Yet that person exists and does not die, as no energy does, and it's good to maintain a conversation. How ya doin? Fabulous I see.

Later, loves.


Annabel Lee...

Is not her real name.

Those are her real legs, however.

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